The Beauty of Community Collaboration

On August 17th, the C.A.R.E. Center received over 100 pieces of handmade, intricately made outfits donated by a community of people who believe strongly in the work we do for children who have experienced abuse. We hosted 3 women who represented the mini army of women who came together to make this project a success. At the C.A.R.E. Center Barb, Brenda, and Bonnie carefully dressed 20 bears in some of the wonderfully made pieces of clothing.

Contributions to this project came from across the country. From the original pattern and designs to the raw materials the knitting and the sewing this project saw volunteers from Texas, the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Upstate New York. We would like to thank every single person who assisted in this project. The talent and time you invested into these precious pieces have left us speechless. They will no doubt create a lasting memory of comfort, safety, and hope for children who so badly need it.

Our sincerest thanks to:

The Silver Needles Machine Knitting Club

Diana L. Sullivan/Knitting with Diana Sullivan

The Comfort Works Group at St. Lukes on the Hill, Mechanicville

The Carters store @ Clifton Park Center

The ladies under the anonymous tag, “Knitted with Love”

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Barb, Bonnie, Brenda and a special thank you to Donna Rogers for coordinating