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The CARE Center facilitates forensic interviews everyday as part of the investigation into child abuse.

What is a Forensic Interview?

A forensic interview is a means of gathering information from a child victim or witness for use in a legal setting. It is a key component of many child protective services investigations.

At the Warren-Washington C.A.R.E. Center forensic interviews are conducted by highly trained professionals. These interviewers are part of a multidisciplinary team investigating the case.




What to expect?

If the child you’re caring for has to be forensically interviewed, you can expect the following:

  • You will be greeted by one of our friendly CARE Center Staff and taken into Our Family Waiting Room, where we will ensure that you and your family are comfortable.
  • We will introduce you to an advocate who will be there to provide support and accurate information to your family throughout the entire investigation process. This service is of no cost to you.
  • We will build a relationship with you and your child to ensure that they feel safe and reassured.
  • Our interviewer will then ask your child to step into our interview room and begin the interview. Caregivers are not allowed with the child during the interview to ensure that the child feels comfortable to speak freely. Typically, you can expect to be at the CARE Center for 2 hours, however this estimation may run shorter or longer depending on the circumstances.
  • Following the completion of our interview, if applicable, we will summarize and provide you with whatever insights we can with the understanding that it is an open investigation.


How does a child receive a forensic interview at the CARE Center?

A child can only be interviewed at the CARE Center if the interview is coordinated by law enforcement or CPS from Warren and Washington county. Interviews at the CARE Center only occur if there is an open investigation into child abuse.

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