We Offer Free Medical Examinations & Treatment for Victims of Child Abuse

A medical examination can be offered to any child who is brought to the Warren-Washington C.A.R.E. Center for non-emergent concerns of child maltreatment. All medical evaluations are performed by our highly trained, board certified pediatric medical consultant.

All examinations are comprehensive and carefully conducted in a child friendly setting and involve a complete medical history and a non-invasive, head to toe physical exam.

Every medical exam is governed by the distinct circumstance of each individual case. It can include laboratory work, x rays, specialist referrals and follow up care.

What can you expect from a medical examination at the CARE Center?

  • You will be greeted by one of our friendly CARE Center Staff and ushered into our Family Waiting Room.
  • We will go over consent forms and complete the New York State Office of Victims Services reimbursement form to ensure your family is not billed for this visit. To learn more about the New York State Office of Victims Services, please click here.
  • We will explain our child-friendly process and answer any concerns or questions you may have. 
  • We will introduce you to an advocate who will be there to provide support and accurate information to your family throughout the entire investigation process. This service is free and voluntary. 
  • We will build a relationship with you and your child to ensure that they feel safe and reassured.
  • Our medical doctor will then ask your child to step into our examination room and begin the examination. 
  • Typically, you can expect to be at the CARE Center for 1 hour, however this estimation may run shorter or longer depending on the circumstances.
  • Following the completion of the medical examination, we will provide you with whatever insights and referrals we can with the understanding that it is an open investigation.

For parents: Here’s what you need to remember:

  • Our goal is to reduce trauma during the investigation process.
  • We use an open-ended conversation style when interacting
  • No expectations or pressure are placed on the child.
  • Your child is not in trouble.
  • We will respect your child’s decisions and voice.
  • We address the needs of every case individually and therefore, no set time limit is placed on our process.
  • Our methods are forensically sound.