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Child Abuse Training & Education For Victims & Parents In Warren & Washington County NY


The Experts and Resources Behind New York State’s Mandated Reporter Laws” A panel of experts, who specialize in child abuse cases, will walk you through the process of mandated reporting beginning with an initial abuse disclosure through investigation, prosecution, and beyond. The panel of experts includes representatives from Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement, District Attorney’s Office, Victim Advocates, and CARE Center staff. This training usually lasts one hour, but can be tailored to specific needs.


Child victims and family members are offered helpful educational materials as well as a comprehensive list of community resources available to assist during the aftermath of an abuse disclosure.


The CARE Center introduces our new free in-school prevention education program “Safer, Smarter Schools.” This prevention program follows a developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction for children K-5 and can be adapted to meet the needs of young learners with developmental delays and integrates with current autism models. The program educates children on the importance of body boundaries and personal safety and encourages children to develop a group of trusted adults with whom they can share things that make them feel uncomfortable.

If you’d like to learn more about “Safer, Smarter Schools” contact us today for a free consultation.

Community Presentations and Awareness

Center staff is available to provide information and outreach to the community on topics related to child abuse and the Child Advocacy Center Model.

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Programs and Services

Our programming is geared toward the child abuse prevention.

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